Jərnē’s Story

Jərnē (Journey, Jur-nee, Yĕr′ne) - everyone's journey is different, so how you pronounce it is up to you!

Jərnē’s story began with a journey when founder Ash was embarking on a long overdue trip to her motherland in Ireland. After 7 years without seeing family and friends she wanted to gift as many as possible on her return visit but simply couldn’t afford to. So she got creative with a pair of leather pants and created some clutch and tote bags with an African twist. The overwhelming feedback and a simple belief that bags should be made with a low environmental footprint, made by hand using high-quality materials to last the longest journeys led her to hone her craft into what Jərnē is today.

Jərnē is still, a young brand, but is spurred on by the number of mindful consumers that agree with this approach. All products are crafted by a single craftswoman – Ash and are made in the order they are received so if your item is currently not in stock it may take up to two weeks to be delivered as the bag needs to be produced before shipping.

Each Bag Sold = A Tree Planted
1 bag sold equals 1 tree planted icons
Accessible luxury leather accessories, loved by those who value things that last.